10-11 October 2017London, UK


How new technologies and approaches are changing IT Operations

Two Days on all things (Dev)Ops!

Come and learn from your peers how new processes, tools and techniques are changing IT Operations forever.

DevOps, Continuous Delivery, Cloud, Microservices, Automation, Big Data, Containers and Datacenter Operating Systems are changing how software is Developed and Operated. Content about technical solutions abounds but the same cannot be said for Software Operability, IT operating models and how to plan and organise IT Operations.
SW Operability
One of the key goals of DevOps is to ensure that software runs well in Production, especially in the context of regular deployments. The increasing prevalence of complex, distributed software systems calls for approaches that anticipate and expect failures, transient behaviour, emergent states, and unpredictability. Making software run well in this dynamic, interconnected world is the focus of Software Operability.
IT Operations
Still believe that Cloud, Automation and DevOps mean NoOps? Thinking Operations are just about servers is like thinking Development is just about writing code. What works: microservices based product teams and backend based platform team(s) with APIs between them.

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Hand-picked, seriously cool speakers

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It's a sad day

It is with immense sadness that I have to accept defeat and cancel the 2017 edition of Operability.IO

Tickets holders were informed 10 days ago and some of you might have noticed registrations have been on hold for a while.

Due to some severe family issues I cannot put in the time to organise the great event I want to and that you all deserve.

Rather than ending up with a subpar event I prefer to be honest, refund your tickets in full and cancel OIO17.

Sorry for letting you down

Marco Abis

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